When you join the ranks of Stand Up Paddlers, you open the door to recreation, fitness and fun! Envision the perfect day on Lake Texoma and take away all the hassle that comes with boating. Leave behind the worries of a trailer and time consuming preparations and enjoy the water in record time. Stand Up Paddle Boarding can best be described as “yoga on water.” It’s completely impact-free and will help improve balance, coordination, strength, endurance all while reducing stress in people of all ages, ability and size.

Also, with SUP you can enjoy leisurely trips on Lake Texoma, exploring and observing the many miles of untouched shoreline it has to offer, if an extreme workout isn’t for you. This laid back approach allows for the entire family to get out and enjoy a new experience. Even during comfortable cruises, your balance improves and core is strengthened without ever noticing.

Within minutes, SupTexoma can equip you for a day on the water. We have anything required in the way of rental services and board services right at your fingertips. Instruction on proper board use is available to everyone and we can assist people of any age in getting out on the water and enjoying a day of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.